Samuel Mike Oaks

Started Electrical Apprenticeship in 1969

47 years electrical experience


Electrical Contractor’s License Holder State of Ohio

Fire Alarm License Holder State of Ohio

Electrical Safety Inspector Certification State of Ohio

Master Electrician’s License State of Kentucky

OCEILB Continuing Education Certification State of Ohio

Board of Building Standards Continuing Education Certification State of Ohio

Teaching Experience:

1982 — 2008 Senior instructor Evening Electrical Classes Maplewood Career Center

1989 -2017 Continuing Education Courses for Contractors and Building Officials State of Ohio and Kentucky

2002 — 2008 Senior Instructor Evening Electrical Classes University of Akron 2005 — 2008 Instructor Evening Electrical Apprenticeship Classes

2006 Instructor/Mentor Case Western Reserve University, Dominican Republic

Electrical Experience Highlights:

1974 -1976 Electrical Inspector Portage County, City of Ravenna, City of Kent, City of Streetsboro

1976 Electrician/Welder Atyeska Pipeline Services, Alaska 1977 Electrician/Welder Bechtel Canada Petroleum Division

1978 Co-Founder Oaks Electric Inc.

2008 — 2012 Electrician/lnspector for US Military and Coalition Forces, Iraq

2012 to Present Electrician Foreman ,Transmission Substation Division, J W Didado Electric

Samuel W. Oaks

1931 – 2016

Samuel W. Oaks was a certified  electrician for over 55 years, and an electrical contractor for more than 30 years.

Samuel  was a nationally-known instructor.  He was an electrical  instructor for O.C.I.L.B. Classes State of Ohio #307 since 1999 and licensed for Instruction in the state of Kentucky.  Sam taught National Electrical Code seminars all across the Tri-State area for 11 years . He provided people with the information they needed to be successful in the electrical industry and  was always willing to answer any questions.

“This is more than a job, I actually enjoy teaching others what I have learned in the past and also I enjoy learning from them.” – Samuel W. Oaks